Hi, I'm moziz

I make games, tools, and such.


Frack Grenade

Oilrigs and penguins do not seem to come along too well. Slide around on ice with the help of grenade blasts and take out a few oilrigs along the way.

This is an entry for the Assembly Summer 2014 game development competition. It achieved 3rd place in the competition.


Released 2014-07-28


Desktop (recommended): Windows, Linux

Web (has Unity bugs!): Unity Web Player

Simply SVG

Simply SVG lets you use crisp vector graphics in Unity games.

It builds meshes out of SVG documents so they can used as part of the scene just like regular meshes. They also work fine with the Unity's UI system.


Released 2015-10-16


Get it from Unity Asset Store.


Shelltracer is an experimental graphics engine implemented with C++ and OpenGL. The engine aims to supportrendering deformed voxel models by wrapping the voxel model in a simplified deformable shell model (a bunch of tetrahedrons) and using that to parametritize ray casts against the unmodified voxel model.

It is part of my master's thesis and is currently in some state of development.


Work in progress